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The First of it’s Kind, The Colour Changing Sleepsuits!


The first of its kind! After over 1 year of research and development, many tweaks and changes the colour changing sleepsuit has Arrived!

Aurora Baby first started out as just a thought and a vision and has since developed into much more than we could have imagined. As the founders of Aurora Baby our aim is to bring both innovation and technology to baby products, with the intention of making parenting that little bit easier.

This patented technology has been re-designed for the 21st century; our sleepsuits has been designed to change colour according to your babies body temperature, indicating to parents that their baby may be becoming too hot or in the early stages of a fever.

The average body temperature for a baby is around 37◦C, however medical experts say this can vary by up to 1◦C; Aurora Baby sleepsuits are designed to have the colour change triggered at 37.6◦C with a varying degree in tolerance.

At the trigger temperature the Aurora baby sleepsuit will start to turn from say pink to white; the colour change will radiate from the core outwards as this is normally the hottest part of a baby’s body.

When your baby’s body temperature returns to normal the garment will change back to it’s original colour “in this case pink”, this would indicate that the baby’s core has lowered.

Our sleepsuits should be thought of as a visual warning indicator for parents and should not be relied upon in any circumstance. If you fear that your baby may be becoming sick, you should seek medical assistance.






YES, If you are interest in becoming a wholesaler or a retailer please get in contact using this email address: wholesale@aurora-baby.co.uk






What? A Temperature Sensitive Pram!

Are you concerned about  your babies safety when it reaches those hot & cold temperatures? Well, fear no more.

Aurora Baby is currently developing a temperature sensitive pram of which will be perfect for both summer, winter and that middle season.

After intense research & development with expert designers and engineers,  we have collectively come up with both a stylish and innovative concept.

What is this concept?

The Temperature Sensitive Pram is designed to keep the inside of the pram cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter, it also has a special feature built in to reflect the sun. This same feature can also be used to keep the rain out.

How Does it Work?

The Pram is lined with a special fabric that can expand and contact, thus either dissipating heat keeping the pram cool or contracting keeping the pram warm.

When Will it be Available?

Aurora Baby are looking to launch this product by 2019.

If you would like some more information on this product please get in contact via our ‘Contact Us’ page, alternatively you can send us an email: wholesale@aurora-baby.co.uk.



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