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A family run business established in the United Kingdom.

Aurora Baby specialise in creating safety products for babies and young children.

We are the proprietors of patented technology that enables us to create luxurious and potentially life saving products.

Aurora Baby was first created with this technology in mind and it was our aim to create products that could benefit parents and potentially save a babies life.


Aurora Baby have re-designed this technology for the 21st century and have incorporated it into many of their products.

The purpose of this technology is to change colour according to a babies’ body temperature, an example of this is The Colour Changing Sleepsuit.


The Aurora Baby Sleepsuit is designed to change colour according to a babies body temperature.

This should be thought of as a visual warning indicator, allowing parents to see that their baby may be becoming too hot or in the early stages of a fever.

The average body temperature for a baby is around 37◦C, however medical experts say this can vary by up to 1◦C.

Aurora Baby sleepsuits are designed to have the colour change triggered at 37.6◦C with a varying degree in tolerance.

  Once the sleepsuit reaches it’s trigger temperature it will start to turn from say pink to white, the colour change will radiate from the core outwards this is because the core is usually the hottest part of a baby’s body.

When the baby’s body temperature returns to normal the garment will change back to it’s original colour. This would indicate that the baby’s temperature has lowered.

All Aurora Baby products are 100% organic cotton, free from BPA and meet all safety legislation laid down by the European Union and United Kingdom.


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