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About Aurora Baby

A family run business established in the United Kingdom.

The Co-founders John Ellis & Rosie Vernon first established Aurora Baby in 2016, with the focus of bringing innovation and technology to redefine baby products that are fit for the 21st century.

Aurora Baby holds many Patents and other Intellectual Property, some of which possesses the technology that enables us to create luxurious and potentially life saving products. 

We are making it our mission to invent new innovative baby products, giving your baby new way’s of communicating.



A Team that are truly Involved.  Passionate and Diverse Individuals.

Our First Steps


These are the before and after pictures of the very first Aurora Baby Temperature Sensitive Bodysuit Sample!

The image on the left (or above if you are viewing on a mobile device) is when the engineers had just applied the specialised formula.

The Image on the right (or below if you are viewing on a mobile device) demonstrates the design changing colour when heat is applied to the garment. 

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