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The Nest

How Big will the Nest’s be?

Suitable From Newborn up to 24 months.

Dimensions (Approx): Length: 910mm | Width: 460mm | Depth: 70mm

Honey Bear | The Brand New Infant Sleep Aid

Honey Bear | The Brand New Infant Sleep Aid

Suitable from Newborn +

Night Light         Lullaby          Heart Beat    Static Sound

Night Light                        Lullaby                     Heart Beat                    Static Sound

Honey Bear is a soft, cuddly sleep aid that has been carefully designed to sooth your baby to sleep.

Honey Bear has been fitted with an automatic cry sensor, so if your baby starts to disturb/cry it will play automatically without you having to fully wake them.

Honey Bear can also suspend from your baby’s cot.


Temperature Sensitive Bodysuits

The First of it's Kind!

After over 1 year of research and development, many tweaks and changes The Temperature Sensitive Bodysuit is available!
What does it do? 
So, you may be wondering what the Bodysuit actually does, right? 
The Temperature Sensitive Bodysuit should be thought of as a visual indicator for parents.
According to the NHS the average body temperature for a baby is around 37.5º Degrees Celcius. 
Aurora Baby Bodysuits have been specially designed, so that when your babies body temperature starts to rise above 37.6º the print on the bodysuit will start to disappear.
The bodysuit is a way of helping your baby to communicate with you, letting you know that they may be too hot or that they could be getting sick! You don’t even have to disturb them if they are already sleeping…
 How Amazing is that! 
Aurora Baby Bodysuits can be washed just like any other garment; although we do advise that to get the best use out of it, it is probably best to hand washed.
All Aurora Baby Bodysuits are approved and tested to comply with the British & European Standards.