Honey Bear | Infant Sleep Aid




  • Musical Sounds x3                                                        Lullaby | Static Sound | Heart Beat
  • Volume Control x3
  • Velcro Back Strap
  • Pulsating Night Light
  • Automatic Cry Sensor


Honey Bear

The Softest Infant Sleep Aid

Honey Bear can play soft comforting sounds for your baby, her belly lights up giving the room a calming glow. The soft red glow resembles a soothing & familiar environment for baby, helping them feel safe when drifting off to sleep. Honey Bear will also make those night time feeds and nappy changes a little easier.

When using Honey Bear’s heart beat function, her belly night light pulsates in sync with the heart beat.

Honey Bear has been fitted with an automatic cry sensor, for when baby starts to cry/disturb.

Lights and sounds play for 30 minutes.


Automatic Cry Sensor

When the cry sensor is activated Honey Bear will listen for the sound of a baby crying, when a crying noise is heard the music and lights will turn on and play for another 30 minutes. The cry sensor will remain activated after 30 minutes of play is up.


Honey Bear can suspend from the cot using her velcro back-strap, alternatively you can place Honey Bear next to the moses basket, you can suspend her from a buggy/pushchair, the car seat or the car headrest. Pretty much anywhere!


Recommended from birth plus.

Product Care

Honey Bear is NOT machine washable due to electronic components.

Surface clean only and air dry.


The Softest Infant Sleep Aid isn’t just perfect and cuddly for sleeping, she is also simple to use, allowing your little one to be able to switch her on at any time.


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