Hard Back Childrens Book – Honey Bears Adventure



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In Honey Bear’s Adventure your child will be introduced to numbers and colours, whilst sharing the world seen through the friendly characters eyes.

Each night when the little girl falls asleep her teddies at the end of her bed come to life and go on magical adventures.


Honey Bear’s Adventure

Hard Back Educational Children’s Book!

Our Educational Children’s Book has been created to inspire the imagination of young children with the intention of helping to make learning colours and shapes incredibly fun.

Meet the characters! Honey Bear, Daisy the Unicorn, Freddy the Friendly Dragon, Finlay the Flamingo and Gilly the Shark as they go on fun filled adventures.

Reach the end of the book and enjoy the fun puzzle that inspires children to learn and identify coloured objects.

These lovely stories of friendship and magic are sure to delight all young readers.

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Educational Childrens Book


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